Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blogging Spirit

blogging spiritToday, featured my blog on her page. The owner of that weblog wrote me an email containing a series of questions dealing with my mobile blogging activities. One of the questions that I noticed is:

"How often do you update your blog?"

It made me think for a while before answering this question. I am not worth enough to be classified as an active blogger nor a lazy blogger, for the blogging schedule that I apply always changes. Sometimes I become diligent. On the the other hand, it is also frequent that I pass my day without checking or updating my blog. It depends on my mood.

While blogging is an interesting activity, it requires consistency and seriousness. How often do you find bloggers who stop blogging because they get bored of doing the same thing all the time? A survey by Indonesian Blogger Community shows that most Indonesians quit their blogs after they reach the age of two or three years. People are rarely consistent.

Besides consistency, bloggers also need to be creative. Without creativity, they will not make any successful blogs. I often find bloggers who just copy articles from other blogs or websites, which is a very bad blogging activity. It is undeniable that when you are a blogger, you must be a writer. Some writing skills should be learnt.

However, you don't have to wait to be a good writer before you decide to start a blog. What you need to do is just keeping your blogging spirit. Tell the world that you really have existence and that your voice is worth to be heard by everyone on earth. Don't let your lack of device stop you from blogging. Now even with your simple mobile phones you can create and manage a lot of powerful blogs. FYI, I posted this article from mobile phone.

--David July

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