Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ricardo and Duo Dibor to Go Home, Bayu Gendeng Goes Crazy

The Master, the most popular Indonesian magic show on RCTI, finally eliminated two contestants last night, i.e., Ricardo (Soldier Magician) and Duo Dibor (Dino Boris). The two contestants received negative comments during the show. Deddy Corbuzier, the jury, said that Ricardo, who played motorbike action, was like an angry "tahu" vendor or Tukang Gehu (if you don't know tahu/gehu, it is a traditional indonesian food made of bean). The audience laughed at Deddy's joke.

The same thing also happens to Duo Dibor. Deddy mocked these two funny contestants severely, saying that he was not at all interested in their performance. He also showed his note. It displayed a big phrase written with his hand-writing: NOT INTERESTED. "What you played is actually good, but you could not present it well," said Deddy Corbuzier.

The bad SMS result is the reason why the two contestants were being eliminated. Duo Dibor, for instance, got the least SMS; while Ricardo was one level higher.

Among all The Master contestants, Bayu Gendeng is possibly the most impressive contestant, presenting a unique style of magic. He called himself as Psycho Magician. The word Gendeng refers to a bad condition of mind, and so Bayu Gendeng means the Crazy Bayu.

On Friday next week, The Master will eliminate one among five contestants (Bayu Gendeng, Rizuki, Krisnaji, and Fabian). Which one is your favourite?

--David July

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Anonymous said...

Gw ngefans bangetz sama Baya Gendeng. Soalnya lucu. Gokil abiz... Moga Bayu mnjadi the next the master...

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