Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Visiting SMK M 08 Karang Asem Paciran

research at SMK M 08 Karang Asem PaciranThis morning, I went out to visit SMK Muhammadiyah 8 Paciran -- a vocational school in Lamongan, East Java -- to ask whether I could do a research there. I left at 7 in the morning. Pak Asam, my neighbour, gave me a lift. I never knew that he spoke English until he invited me to have small chats in the car this morning. I found the school quiet. I decided to call Heru, one of the school staffs who is also my good friend. He said that all the teachers were in Karang Asem.

This research actully belongs to Nisa, my girlfriend. SMA N 04 Tuban, the school where Nisa had planned to research, rejected her proposal yesterday. The headmaster said that it was not a good time to do a research because there was no longer teaching-learning process in the school. I was disappointed. Nisa cried while we rode a motorcyle that afternoon. I tried to calm her down when I found a solution: researching at SMK M 08 Paciran.

I met Pak Rosikhun, the headmaster of SMK M 8 Karang Asem Paciran. It was a good reunion. After shaking hands, I directly started the conversation, asking whether the school allowed me to do research. He said, "Yes! You can do your research here, but during the last few weeks we will have no class. It is holiday."

I remembered that Heru told me SMK M 8 Paciran would do KIS (Kunjungan Industri, Industrial Visit, to Yogyakarta tonight. Thinking for a while, I asked Pak Rosikhun to permit me to have a special class, where the ten students or fifteen could gather in the school to help me do Nisa's research. Pak Rosikhun agreed with me. It was really great happiness not only for me but also for Nisa.

Tonight, I will go to SMK M 8 to see the students and determine the day on which we can meet. Nisa is researching on the strategy of composing good descriptive writing in High School Level.

--David July

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suaidi lucu said...

blog sing lucu dan aneh, nyentrik. boso jowo. kedeteksi google boso opo ki???

main2 ya ke tempatku :

David July said...

Ya google akan mendeteksi blog ini dalam tiga bahasa. Either Javanese, English or Bahasa Indonesia will be detected. Google dhewe wis duwe basa Jawa, sing marakake blog iki kedeteksi ing Basa Jawa

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