Monday, June 15, 2009

WBL and Nisa

Wisata Bahari Lamongan

On 13 May 2009, Nisa and I went to WBLg. WBL, standing for Wisata Bahari Lamongan or Lamongan Marine Tourism, is one of the biggest tourist attractions in East Java. Before Nisa and I headed to WBL, we dropped in my house to see my mom. Nisa had had planned this in advance. In fact, the purpose of her coming here is just to see her (would-be) mother-in-law in Blimbing, a small village in East Java. Going to WBL is just another thing.

My mother made rujak -- spicy food made up of hot chili, trasi and petes -- for us, which is one of Nisa's favourite foods. As soon as the rujak time was finished, we took a bath, packed our bag and get ready to go to WBL -- exactly at 1 'o clock in the afternoon. It was Nisa's second time going to WBL.

Our exploration in WBL started from 3D cinema where only thirty people were allowed to use the seats inside the room. We had to stand in a long queue. The movie took us away, brought us into the show and involved us in the action which (to our eyes) looked so real, an effect of the 3D glasses we put on. Nisa screamed. All those huge objects moved right in front of us. She was afraid of the big iron stuffs in the movie throwing as if they would bump into us. Other viewers screamed too. The room became full of hysterical cries; I sat beside Nisa, saving her from the drama that the movie gave.

Jet CoasterThe next challenge is Rumah Sakit Hantu (Ghost Hospital). Despite her second time visiting WBL, Nisa had never tried to get in this spooky hospital. But she had entered Goa Bajak Laut (Pirate Cave). It was another scary place where a lot of convicts were jailed by the pirates and many of them had died -- of course all of the ghosts and the convicts are just stupid dolls controlled by machine so that they look like human beings. Inside the cave, Nisa didn't look really afraid. She was a bit more relaxed, comparing to the reaction she showed when coming in the Ghost Hospital a few minutes before. We also tried to do some other games, i.e., Hunting, Mirror House, and Jet Coaster, in which I screamed very loudly, causing Nisa to laugh at my illogical funny behaviour.

WBLWe started to get tired of all the games and we rested at a beautiful beach where the sand was artificial, sitting together in a comfortable seat near the sea shore. I could see some children playing football. The beach part concluded all of our challenging activities in WBL that afternoon and we went home at about five pm in a romantic sunset.

-David July

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