Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Mnemonics is Done

   I finally finish my skripsi [thesis] on mnemonics. Here is the aknowledgement from my 40-page thesis that some were written using my mobile phone.


   After four-month hard work, the writer finally succeeds in finishing his "Using Mnemonics Techniques to Optimize Vocabulary Learning in ESA's Writing Class" research. Thanks to ESA's (English Student Association) writing class members for their enthusiastic participation.

   This research was made possible by valuable helps from a number of people such as the skripsi coach Dr. Agus Wardhono, M.Pd, the head of English Education Study Program Dra. Christina ITP, M.Pd, and most specially Khoirun Nisa, the writer's dearest future wife for her loyal companion, support and precious care; and for asking her cousin Pipit to lend a laptop to the writer. Also, the writer puts his high gratitude to his mother Sujiah -- the most wonderful woman in the world whom the writer loves and respects the most -- for her full support to the writer's study.

   The skripsi submission is perhaps a bit late. It is due to the data collection process which was delayed during the college holidays. The writer, however, is satisfied that the skripsi can finally be accomplished this year and not elongated till the next few years despite his unpossesion of a computer set.

   Using his old Nokia 6020, the writer typed some parts of this skripsi on his mobile phone and posted it in his blog at via his mobile email. It is something that UNIROW students hardly do. The writer calls it the mobile skripsi as the writer wrote it at home using his phone and printed it in internet booths.

   The writer would like to thank his classmates in class 2005-C: Ahmad Habibi, Ahmad Fuadin, Ahmad Kholili, Catur Amrullah, Maya Farisatul Aprilia, Musfiro, Cik Inturni, Kanang Suprapto, Ahmad Muamar, Istiana, Sholahudin, and all wonderful friends that the writer can't mention one by one. Being taught during his four-year study at Ronggolawe University, the writer thanks all the English Education Study Program lecturers: Drs. Mansyur, Budi Susatyo, M.Pd, Maskuri, S.Pd, Fathul Muin, S.Pd, Drs. Gatot Mintarsono, M.Pd, Dr. Tri Budhi Sastrio and Prof. Abbas Achmad Badib.

   In addition, the writer thanks his overseas friends: Naeem, Zuraida, Ethan, Paul Rattray, Katz, Mariam, Austin, Rebecca Gluckstain, Rachel Freed, and all blogging and online-chat friends.

   Finally, the writer hopes that this skripsi can be useful for people who read it, and thus can be a good source of information on mnemonics research.

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rioseto said...

Hi, David! Congratulations! For:
(1) Big Day One: Becoming a Master graduate in English.
(2) Big Day Two: Somwehere in this month, must be your birth day, "Happy Birthday...!" May God bless you be always in good health, wealth, and wisdom.
(3) I like the way you exploit mobile phone, make use into its fullest, to complete the thesis. Excellent!

So July must be a big and special moment to you and family...

David July said...

Mas Rio, thank you so much. You are the very first person to congratulate me on my birthday. Frankly, I even almost forget that this month is my birthday.

Yeah, I always exploit my mobile phone to do blogging. If only I had a computer set, it wouldn't have been like this. LOL

Anonymous said...

Wait, you wrote your thesis on a mobile phone?

That's bloody creative of you. And also persistent. I cant stand small screens myself.

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