Sunday, July 5, 2009

Research at SMK M 08 Paciran: Done

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SMK M 8 Paciran Karangasem wisatabaharilamongan
Pak Imran, a teacher at SMK M 8 Paciran, blends with a group of students in front of the office

   The research is done. It has been such a hard job to do a research in very limited time. Fortunately, SMK M 8 Karang Asem, a vocational school in Paciran where I used to study, helped us with our research. I met Pak Imran, a teacher who's in charge of the students' activities. He's been so kind to permit us to do the research in the school despite the holiday, which, for most institution, is the time to quit any school activities.

   On that Saturday Morning, July 4th 2009, Nisa and I went to SMK M 08 Paciran. We rode a motorcycle. The school is just a few minute riding. I phoned Pak Imran, confirming the students' attendance today in the school since it was a very important thing to make the students come. Unless they came, we would fail doing our research.

   The research was done in a multimedia class, a class next to the school workshop. The school was holding entrance test for new students in the classes upstair so we could not use them. Eight students participated in our research. All of them were 12th-year students at the department of Multimedia. Six girls, two boys.

   I was happy that they were enthusiastic eventhough they had problems understanding English interview. They asked me to speak Javanese. So I translated the questions on the interview sheets into Bahasa Indonesia and Javanese.

khoirunnisa unirowtuban   Two students were late. Khoirun Nisa, an SMK student who accidentally has the same name as the researcher (Nisa), came when the research time was almost over. We decided to have a special interview with her. I took this photo while Nisa was interviewing her in the class.

On behalf of the University of Ronggolawe and Vicha family, I would like to express my gratitude to SMK Muhammadiyah Karang Asem Paciran by dedicating this blog post to the school. I also thank Pak Imran and Pak Rosikhun, the headmaster, for their help.

--David July

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