Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blogger of the Month: Farah Lee

She is just 17. She lives in Norwich, a city in Norfolk, East Anglia in Eastern England. But she is actually Malaysian. Yeah, Nur Farah Shahiba bt Mohd Faizal Neezam Lee. That's her name -- a very long name in fact! She prefers to be called Farah instead of Nur, which is her first name. Reading her blog, I notice one interesting thing from her: this girl has a strong personality, not easily getting affected by the environment where she lives. In one of her blog posts she wrote a story about her youth exchange program in France:

Since last year, I've been getting involve in an organization that call Norfolk International Project. It all started when I got a random email from one of the member that trying to find more participants for an exchange that will be held on the summer, 2008, I found out that the cost is rather cheap compare to a normal trip, then i tried to contact the head of the organization, John Nooney, and he said, yes, there were some places available, so i've decided to go for it, and well, this might be the best thing that ever happen in my life..every single exchange will usually takes around 10 to 11 days, and 10 days of exchange teach me years of life experience, and to be honest, i wont change even a minutes of the time when I was on the exchange. I met such a wonderful person.

I am also impressed by how she starts her writing. Farah never posts without saying salam (a islamic expression when addresing people, i.e, assalamualaikum). Read her post when she was being excited:

assalammualaikum wbt..

Hello im so happy.. started when i checked my c0mment and messages that my friends left when i was asleep (talking about time different here ).. Most of them wishing me for my birthday. All of the wishes make my day.. Love it.. Thanks a lot friends.. And david.. Thanks for the lovely clip.,so sweet..strange.. My birthday is actually on saturday.. But im actually started to celebrate it since last saturday.. Good for me.. Hehe..

The reason why I review her blog is that I want to see more young people blogging either in English or in their native language, like what Farah Lee has done.

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Anas said...

Wih, manis bocahe
*dijitak* :D

David July said...

Yes, I agree. She's cute

farahlee said...

hahaha..anyway. for the reader's information, im davids's cucu..:P

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