Thursday, August 27, 2009

Facebook changes its design

facebook fisbook ganti fesbook dengan gaya fesbuk dan fisbukIf you are a facebook addict, you will probably notice a few changes in its design. Facebook recently makes a design tweaks. Read the report from

This evening, Facebook made a couple of design tweaks to make the site more consistent. While none of the changes affect any core Facebook features, many users will likely notice the subtle updates.

1. Feedback on ads has been changed from "Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down" to "Like/X." Now users can give positive feedback on ads by using the same language as any other content on the site. Choosing the "X" will report the ads to the review team of Facebook.

2.The rounded corners have been removed from facebook altogether. The Facebook team posted a note tonight about the internal debate at the company about the rounded corners vs straight edges. "As part of the efforts to simplify our style, the design team recently decided to go back to our square corner roots. In doing so, we hope to champion cleanliness and the razor cut look that Facebook is known for," Facebook's Alexandre Roche said.

3. Finally the blue Facebook header now extends to the full width of the screen and the items layout in the header has been slightly adjusted.

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zujoe said...

hehh... iya kah??? aku lom cek hihi... maklum jarang OL btw apa sesuai tema ramadhan???

David July said...

Zujoe, the design tweak of facebook is not due to the theme of Ramadhan. Rather, it tries to improve its look. So the facebook users can feel more comfortable with it and the page itself looks tidier

Bang Aswi said...

Untuk urusan fesbuk, saya lebih memilih apa adanya. Nggak sempet mungkin ya....

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