Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Maria Ozawa -- Menculik Miyabi -- Controversy

Maria Ozawa miyabi foto menculik miyabiTop Japanese porn star Maria Ozawa will play in an Indonesian comedy movie. She's scheduled to arrive in early november to play in a movie entitled "Menculik Miyabi" or "Kidnapping Miyabi" under Maxima Pictures Production House.

Moslem leaders, however, protested against Ozawa's coming. They demanded that Maria Ozawa, popularly known as Miyabi, be removed from the movie.

The protest does not only come from clerics (ulama, kyai). Some hard-liner Islamic organizations such as FPI or Islamic Defender Front also rallied in front of Maxima Pictures Production House in Mangga Dua, North Jakarta Friday afternoon after prayer.

"We reject Miyabi's visit! She must not be allowed into Indonesia. If she comes here, we are ready to die fighting to cancel her visit, " FPI West Jakarta head Umar Alatas told members during the protest.

--David July

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joys said...

hi bro how re u,, ? hv u ever seen her movie,,, hoho.. lol. kidding.
i like her visit indo or maybe i dont like too.. actually, if her come to indo,, n pplz they dont like her, cos she is an actres movie porn star.. but she is only playing a commedy movie here. then what?? the goverment they cant take a control with (Kaset bajakan) its about 1 year ago.. but this year is more better :-p

i can see many kind of porn movie every where in 2007-2008 n also with MIYABI MOVIE... thats why every one know about her,,

David said...

I haven't seen her movie. But I do agree that she is a very beautiful and hot Japanese actress.

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