Monday, December 7, 2009

MXit Has Its Chatrooms

MXit chat download version applicationMXit now allows you to chat in its chatrooms. All you have to do is just to select a chatzone from the chatzone menu by clicking its chatzone number, and start chatting. Unlike the previous one, this feature is now free. You don't need moola (MXit currency) to enjoy chatting, and the chatrooms are open for all users in any country.

If you don't have MXit chat application yet, click here to download to your phone.

Here is how you can start your chatroom talks:

  1. Type anything in your Tradepost contact
  2. From that tradepost page, you'll see a number of menus. Select Chatzones
  3. Here you can chose a chatzone that you think is good for you. For example you choose Globe Zone.
  4. In the same page, you'll see a message like: Would you like to subscribe Globe Zone?
  5. Click Yes
  6. And now see your contact list. A new MXit service contact named Globe Zone has been added.
  7. Type any message to your Globe Zone contact.
  8. Select one chat room of the 10 available rooms, for instance, Globe Zone 1
  9. Enjoy chatting.

If you have questions on how to chat or use MXit chat commands, then invite me on MXit. Here is my MXit contact 6085655400115

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