Sunday, December 27, 2009

Old Version of Hello Magazine

hello english magazine learn educationI have to admit that I got most of my English from Hello, an English magazine published monthly in Semarang, Indonesia. I used to subscribe the magazine when I was in high school. Now that the internet comes and as I get familiar with it, especially after I know blogs and social networking sites, I quit reading the magazine. This morning, however, I tried to find my old hello magazine in the bookshelf and finally got one: the 1991 edition.

One thing that I love from this old edition is that it published original articles mostly written and contributed by the readers and that it is very different from the current Hello whose articles are taken from the internet with almost no readers' contribution. The old Hello also used simple English. All the sentences were written very clearly and short, something that is really helpful for beginner English learners but perhaps annoying for learners in advanced level. I myself love that old style. Here is a sample of a short story entitled "The 7th Son" written by Anton P, one of Hello loyal readers, in 1991

A long time ago, in Irian there lived a man and his wife. They were very rich. They looked happy all the time. Their neighbours respected them because of their wealth. They often helped their neighbours when they need it.

But actually, the wife still wanted to have another son. She told his husband about that. The husband agreed.

Did you see how simple it is? The English structure is very easy and the vocabulary is in conversational level. Readers hardly need dictionary to read it.

Which one do you prefer, guys? Is it the old edition -- published in 90s -- or the new one?

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arief said...

i did the same as you. i choose of course the old version there was serial of panduaji (silat story) that i like the most.
about contributor, i love someone from semarang too but she seemed to live somewhere in USA. her name (if I'm not mistaken "maya") i often Quoted phrase taken from her writing for example she wrote "my mother will serve me right" then i applied it to talk to my friend " that served you right"...
the last her writing i can still remember is cikungunya disease. she wrote it when she had been a doctor in Internet age.

:::glad to know you david

Andi Anto Patak said...

how can i access the old version of hello english magazine. I have one article there. thanks

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