Monday, February 15, 2010

Sony Ericsson and Samsung launch their new phones

I don't use Sony Ericsson a lot. In 2007, I had my first SE (Sony Ericsson) T630. It was the old one, and Samsung -- on the other hand -- has not even been on my hand.

This info, however, can be good for you who are Samsung and Sony Ericsson lovers: Those two famous phone makers have just launched their very new smartphones.

samsung smartphone badaSamsung, the world No 2 handset maker, unveiled its flagship smartphone model Wave -- using a new touch screen technology and the first phone to use its bada operating system.

"Samsung's commitment to Bada is underlined by the fact that it is using it to power its flagship product for the show but it's going to be an uphill struggle to get the developer community on board," said Ben Wood, research director at CCS Insight.

Earlier this month Samsung unveiled a plan to treble smartphone shipments in 2010 and promote its own bada software platform.

Analysts, however, have been doubtful of Samsung's efforts to belatedly build a new open platform. With limited volume, phones using bada will have difficulty attracting application developers or operator support.

"I think the ecosystem is just not ready yet," said analyst Carolina Milanesi from research firm Gartner.

Samsung said it plans to launch five to seven phone models using bada software in 2010.

And here is another review of Samsung Announcing its First Bada Phone:

Sony Ericsson and Samsung smatphoneSamsung announced its first phone running on its Bada OS on Sunday at the Mobile World Congress: the Wave S8500. The Wave is a slim, touchscreen phone that shows off various Samsung strengths, including a Samsung-made 1-GHz processor, a "Super AMOLED" screen and 720p high-def video capabilities.

The most interesting thing about this phone, though, is Bada. Bada is a (for now) Samsung-only platform that builds on Samsung's feature-phone OS, adding many APIs for third party developers to create rich applications, according to a Q&A document provided by Samsung when the platform launched in December.

Using Google's Android operating system, Sony Ericsson also confirms its new smartphone products. Here is the report:

The world's fourth-largest phone maker Sony Ericsson, which has reported seven straight quarterly losses, unveiled three smartphone models, using Google's Android operating system in two of them, and Nokia's Symbian in one.

"Some of the obituaries that have been written on Sony Ericsson may be a little premature. There is no doubt the company still has challenges but these new products are a first step to help fuel a recovery," CCS's Wood said.

Sony Ericsson new mini smartphones remind consumers from last small models of Ericsson itself about a decade ago.

"I think the products are competitive and certainly encouraging. The user interface is pretty good and will help them over LG Electronics," said Gartner's Milanesi.

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